Hoy, Día de Andalucía, queremos compartir el discurso de nuestro auxiliar lingüístico sobre su experiencia en Andalucía. Desde el Ceip Alcalá Venceslada sentimos un gran privilegio al contar con el excelente trabajo de un profesional como él.

 David S. García. February 27th 2018

 Teaching In Andalucía:
 “Today I want to talk about teaching. More specifically, teaching in Andalucía. Even more specifically, my experience teaching at this school. I have taught in two other communities. Now, I can say that Andalucía is different. From my perspective, Andalucía has panache and gusto. The faculty and students at this school have been warm and encouraging. Teaching here has brought a lighthearted spirit to my work, it makes for a very colorful classroom—one with lots of cheer.
One of my favorite aspects of teaching at this school has been the ability to lead lessons. The encouragement I have gotten to give presentations has been wonderful. I really enjoy having the opportunity to contribute to the lesson plan. I feel utilized and appreciated in my role as a Language Assistant. I have the sense that my effort is valued.
Furthermore, the opportunity to educate here has taught me how important it is to build a mutual understanding in the classroom. I had to adjust my method of teaching here—for the better. I think that it has made me a better teacher. I have had to think like my students. I had to put myself in their shoes. To question how one makes sense of a foreign language. To contemplate how one learns. This academic school year, has shown me that in order connect the dots to different points of information, you have to direct the learner to a clear path of understanding. You have to make the knowledge present. You have to create dialogue between the student’s native language with the foreign one.
What does Andalucía mean to me? On this celebratory day, I can say it has been a place of welcome. A place where you feel well received. A place where people will wait for you.
It is noteworthy to point out that the olive branch is a noble symbol. Here in Jaén, I see many. Teaching at this school has eased my sense of purpose as an educator. I am comforted to know that I can create a sense of understanding between the native and the foreign—in language and culture. It has also been a great relief to know that I can count on the help and guidance of this school’s educating professionals to help resolve any of my doubts toward school tasks. This school’s faculty provides so much reinforcement to my work. It is great to be apart of this team of educators. My job here has been to teach English and act as a cultural ambassador to the United States. I am grateful to be allowed to share my knowledge of culture and language with you all. I want to thank this school CEIP Alcalá Venceslada and Andalucía for welcoming me.
We have plenty of work to do. There is more road to go. We have more months ahead of us this academic school year. I am glad to have you as my students. So far, it has been a fun adventure. I look forward to learn more with you all. There is much to learn. Let’s continue the work. It should prove valuable. It has been up to now. Thank you for listening and happy Andalucía day.”